Breathe New Life Into Aging Skin With a Thread Lift

Up until recently, facelifts were the only procedure capable of fixing sagging skin in the mid-face and lower face. When skin resurfacing treatments and fillers failed to do the job, the only solution left for aging skin was surgery.

However, you now have a new option to choose from: Thread lifts.

So what does a thread lift procedure entail, and what results can you expect to get from it? Stick with us for a quick rundown on thread lifts as described by our specialist, Dr. Patrick Yassini.

Thread lifts 101 

During a thread lift procedure, Dr. Yassimi uses small needles to insert dissolvable threads into your skin. He then pulls the threads up, which brings your skin up as well. This makes your jawline, lower face, and mid-face look tighter.

Thread lifts also trigger an increase in collagen production. As you may already know, collagen production drops after 30, and anything you can do to increase it will help keep your skin elastic and wrinkle-free longer. 

One study found a significant increase in collagen production within one month after a thread lift procedure.

If you’re worried about a lengthy recovery, don’t fret! The procedure is done under local anesthesia and lasts about half an hour. You can drive yourself home and return to your daily routine, but you’ll need to avoid engaging in strenuous exercise for a few days.

Satisfaction rates and long-term outcomes

Thread lifts are increasing in popularity, and according to research, they have high satisfaction rates both in males and in females. 

Surveys based on guessing the age of participants who underwent thread lifts suggests that the rejuvenation effects of thread lifts increase with time, possibly due to increases in collagen production.

The results of a thread lift can last up to three years. However, since the procedure is minimally invasive, you can have it done several times with a low risk for complications.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for a thread lift

Traditional facelifts come with some risks due to the use of general anesthesia and incisions. However, thread lifts are far less invasive, which opens the door for a larger sector of the population to rejuvenate their appearance. 

Want to find out if you’re a good candidate for a thread lift? If so, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our specialist, Dr. Yassini, can help you decide which procedures align with your goals.

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