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Have you been considering liposuction to help you get rid of unwanted fat, but you’re feeling uncertain because of the lengthy downtime? In Coronado, California, Patrick Yassini, MD, ABIHM, and the aesthetic team at Ageless San Diego offer mesotherapy as a nonsurgical treatment option to help get rid of unwanted fat and rejuvenate your skin. To learn more about mesotherapy, call our office or click the online booking button today.


What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an innovative injection that uses a combination of medications, hormones, plant extracts, and/or vitamins and minerals to help rid your body of unwanted fat, as well as rejuvenate your skin. The injection is placed into the middle layer of your skin, referred to as the mesoderm, and supports anti-aging by improving blood circulation to the tissue and reducing inflammation.

The team at Ageless San Diego may suggest mesotherapy as a treatment option to:

  • Remove unwanted fat
  • Tighten your skin
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots

As a body contouring tool, the aesthetic experts may be able to use mesotherapy to help get rid of unwanted fat from many areas of your body, including your stomach, legs, arms, face, and buttocks. 

What can I expect during mesotherapy treatment?

The team at Ageless San Diego performs your mesotherapy at the office. The needle used for the injection is small, but the team may use an anesthetic prior to treatment to ease your discomfort. If you’re sensitive to pain, be sure to let the team know during your consultation, so they can make the appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan.

You may receive several injections during your treatment. The placement and depth of your injections may depend on the part of the body being treated and your aesthetic goals. 

You may experience some swelling and discomfort at the site of your injections following your session. However, mesotherapy is a noninvasive treatment, and you can resume your usual activities after treatment. 

How many mesotherapy sessions do I need?

To get the best results from your mesotherapy you may need a series of treatments, which may range from 3-15, depending on your need. Initially, your treatments may be scheduled weekly, and as your skin improves, the interval between sessions might be every two to four weeks. The team provides your treatment plan before you get started, so you know what to expect and how to prepare. 

To learn more about mesotherapy and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call Ageless San Diego today, or click the online booking button to schedule an appointment.