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Until recently, your only treatment option for fixing your jowls and sagging cheeks was a surgical face-lift. But now, Patrick Yassini, MD, ABIHM and the anti-aging team at Ageless San Diego in Coronado, California, can restore a more youthful look with the nonsurgical thread face-lift. To schedule a consultation to learn more about the youth-enhancing procedure, call our office or request an appointment online today.

Thread Face Lift

What is a thread face-lift?

A thread face-lift is a nonsurgical alternative to a face-lift. Instead of surgically removing your sagging skin and then lifting and tightening, the thread face-lift uses specially placed sutures to lift your sagging skin and improve your look. 

In addition to the instant lift provided by the sutures, the thread face-lift also stimulates the production of collagen, which is a protein that gives your skin strength and elasticity. This rejuvenating effect prolongs the benefits of your thread face-lift and improves the tone and firmness of your skin. 

Am I a good candidate for a thread face-lift?

The team at Ageless San Diego determines if you’re a good candidate for a thread face-lift during a consultation. You may be considered a good candidate for the nonsurgical procedure if you’re struggling with mild-to-moderate skin laxity. The team may also consider you a good candidate for the thread face-lift if a surgical face-lift isn’t an option for you because of health issues. 

What happens during a thread face-lift?

The aesthetic team at Ageless San Diego performs your thread face-lift at the office. To ease discomfort during your procedure, the team uses a local anesthetic prior to your suturing. Then, with a skilled hand, your aesthetic expert carefully places the sutures to lift and tighten your skin and restore a more youthful look.

You may experience some redness and discomfort at the site of the sutures following your thread face-lift, but downtime isn’t necessary after the procedure. The team provides specific instructions on how to care for your skin as your sutures heal, which may include gentle cleansing and sleeping in a position that prevents you from laying on the sutures.

You should notice an improvement in your look immediately following your procedure, and with good skin care practices, your thread face-lift can help you maintain a more youthful look for up to three years.

The team at Ageless San Diego may suggest combining your thread face-lift with other skin rejuvenating treatments such as focused ultrasound skin lifting, Botox®, and/or dermal fillers, for a more dramatic look.

Surgery is no longer your only option for improving the look of your sagging skin. To learn more about the benefits of the thread face-lift and how it can restore your youthful look, call Ageless San Diego, or request an appointment online today.